Another Successful Year for the Sandhills Open Road Challenge

The 19th Sandhills Open Road Challenge is in the books for another year. The annual race took place between Arnold and Dunning on Saturday. Drivers competed in different MPH classes to see who could come closest to averaging the target speed and time. The 80 mph class was won by Rudy Strnot of Lincoln with Scott Lee serving as the navigator as they finished +.011 off perfect time. The 90 mph class was won by Leland Sweet of Bulverde, TX who was assisted by navigator Robert Parsons as the duo finished +.169 off perfect time. Ken Rees of North Las Vegas, NV was champion of the 95 mph class finishing -.147 off perfect. Mike and Julie Hill of Allen, TX took the title in the 100 mph class finishing +.162 off perfect time. Tom Sorrells and navigator Jeremy Riley took first in the 105 mph class as they finished just -.034 off perfect time. Ryan Rusher of Yankton, SD and navigator Brad Wheelhouse of Sioux Falls, SD claimed the title in the 110 mph class finishing -.053 off perfect. Brian Haskett of Tomball, TX and navigator Floyd Haskett of Katy, TX were winners of the 115 mph class finishing -.028 seconds off perfect time. The fastest mph class was 120 which was won by Jason Walsh of Kearney and navigator Chris Rutten of Columbus who were +.105 off perfect time. Finally, the extreme 90 class was won by Barry (Sioux Falls, SD) and Jim (Cheyenne, WY) Konken.

Check out pictures as well as full results of the S.O.R.C as well as the Loup 2 Loup race and Shootout below

2019 SORC Results

2019 Shootout Results

2019 Loup to Loup Results