Wicht Steps Down as Highway Superintendent

Wicht Steps Down as Highway Superintendent
Mark Mainelli (Left) and Terry Wicht (Right)

COLUMBUS – The Platte County Highway Superintendent requested he be removed from his position at Thursday’s board meeting.

Former Superintendent Terry Wicht asked board members that he be moved to the vacant position of Assistant Highway Superintendent, citing that he will be retiring in the coming years, and wanted to phase out of the department.

Wicht has faced some issues with the board in the past year, with the board voting to put a written admonition in his file in December, in addition to potential suspensions and punishments being discussed for Wicht at prior meetings. Board members discussed the potential for Wicht to attend anger management classes at a meeting in spring of 2017, but failed to pass a motion.

Wicht is being replaced by Mainelli, Wagner and Associates, who’s own Mark Mainelli will act as the main point of contact. Mainelli, Wagner and Associates currently serves as the County Engineer, and was reappointed to the position on Thursday.

Board members also passed a motion, to reserve the right to appoint specific engineers, outside of Mainelli, Wagner and Associates, to individual projects.