Who Is Running For Local Elected Positions? Find Out Right Here!

CUSTER COUNTY— Two Custer County Supervisor Districts will be the main focus of the 2020 Primary Election held on May 12, 2020. District 4 and District 6 will be the focal point of this year’s primary as six Republican candidates will lobby for the two available seats.

Those running for the District 4 seat include: Dwain Bryner (incumbent), Blaine Gibbons, and Jeff Wardyn. Voters will have the choice of one candidate to run during the General Election in November.

A similar situation can also be found in District 6 where three candidates are looking to move on to the General Election, but only one seat is available. Voters will have the choice of one candidate from a list of three which include: Donnis J. Hueftle-Bullock, Matthew Eggleston (incumbent), and Lynn Longmore.

The Anselmo-Merna School Board will also have candidates narrowed down as currently there are seven hopefuls, but only six will advance to the General Election. Those who filed include: Jeff A. Baker, Ben Cooksley, Tom Griffith, Courtney Marsh, Brandon Miller, Michelle Miller, and Sandra J. Priest.

Other Filings:

Custer County Supervisor District 2: Tammy Kleeb

Arnold District Hospital Board of Directors: Heather Furne and John Phillips
Callaway District Hospital Board of Directors: Greg Johnson, James J. Jenkins, Zachary V. Meyer

Sargent School Board: Chandra Horkey, Tammera Moody, J.D.  Keefe, Laura Kipp
Callaway School Board: Michael Reiff, Rhonda J. Pandorf, Jim Phelps
Broken Bow School Board: J.B. Adkins, Mary Shaw, Amy Staples
Arnold School Board: Eric J. Nelson, Duane L. Bowers, Terence A Schacher, Justin Strasburg, Jennifer Dalrymple
Ansley School Board: Peter Cunningham, Tim Loy, Jaimee Bailey

City of Broken Bow East Ward: Lawrence Stump, Christopher Myers (incumbent)

City of Sargent Councilmen: Gerry D. Sheets, Timothy Clayton

Broken Bow Airport: David A. Minnick
Sargent Airport: John D. Troxel