Wayne State College Completes New Press Box

WAYNE – At Wayne State College, the athletics department is finishing a new press box that’s more than 60 years in the making.

When the college started construction in 2016, WSC not only envisioned the press box to be a draw to the sporting and media communities, but Director of Athletics Mike Powicki says it’s also a chance to give real-world learning experience to students who are interested in a broadcast career.

“We are an institution of higher education is making sure we are servicing our students and obviously have a program with a broadcast emphasis and they cover and stream all of our games for football and so now they have a really permanent, large teaching footprint within the facility as well too that the students can come, learn and really use it as a practical lab.”

The press box features air control, which the old one was lacking, a public elevator, computer stations, radio booths and a general purpose lounge where people can watch the game.

“There is an appeal just to come and see what this is all about. I think for the people, the media and the coaches and visitors, I think they’re going to be impressed.”

As they put the finishing touches on the new press box, the Director of Athletics says that the facility will be ready to show off to the public during the first game this season.