Voter Tips and Tools for November 3rd General Election

LINCOLN- Secretary of State Bob Evnen is outlining what to expect at the polls for the Tuesday, November 3 General Election. Polls will be open November 3 from 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Central Time (CDT).

Check your voter registration and polling place. You can check the status of your voter registration and location of your polling place by contacting your county election office or logging onto If you voted early by mail, or have to complete a provisional ballot on Election Day, you can go to the same website to check the status of you ballot.

Custer County 2020 Polling Places

Mason City Community Building: Algernon / Elk Creek Precincts; Mason City, NE 68855
Winter Memorial Library: Victoria / Hayes I Precincts; Anselmo, NE 68813
Legion Hall Arnold: Arnold Village / Arnold Rural / Hayes II; Arnold, NE 69120
Oconto Community Hall: Woodriver Precincts; Oconto, NE 68860
Municipal Building of Broken Bow: Broken Bow, North/South/Northwest/Southwest; Broken Bow, BE 68822
Merna Community Building: Kilfoil/Cliff Precincts; Merna, NE 68856
Ansley Municipal Auditorium: *Ansley / Westerville / Myrtle; Ansley, NE 68814
Sargent Community Building: Sargent City/Sargent Rural/West Union/Corner; Sargent, NE 68874
Comstock Community Hall: Comstock /Douglas Grove / Spring Creek; Comstock, NE 68828
Callaway Senior Center: Delight & Custer / Elim / Triumph / Grant / Wayne; Callaway, NE 68825
Veterans Building:
* BB North Rural / Garfield / Lillian / Milburn
* BB South Rural / East Custer / Ryno / Loup / Berwyn
Broken Bow, NE 68822

Custer County Clerk & Election Commissioner Constance Gracey told KCNI/KBBN local results will be available after the polls close on Tuesday night. Numbers for write-in candidates will be released after the canvassing board announces the official results.

Change of Address. If you have moved within your county, but have not updated your voter registration, you can still vote. You will need to go to your new precinct, in order to obtain a provisional ballot. To identify the polling place for your current address, go to

Be Prepared. Before going to the polls; make an effort to become informed about the candidates and issues on the ballot. Sample ballots are printed in the newspapers and posted on county websites.

Click here for a list of Sample Ballots for 2020 General Election.

Campaigning Prohibited. Campaign items such as buttons, stickers and T-shirts are not allowed in a polling place. It is illegal to campaign within 200 feet of a polling site. Campaign signs can be installed on private property within 200 feet of a polling site, provided that the property does not include where the polling place is located.

Conduct at the Polls. To maintain proper decorum at the polls, it is requested that you turn off your cell phones, and other electronic devices. Phone conversations or loud bell tones can be distracting to others. Ballot selfies are allowed in polling places, however, photos should only be taken of your own ballot and not someone else’s.

*Mask with be available for voters if you do not have one
*Black pens to mark your ballot will be given to you to keep
*Voting booths will be wiped down after each voter is finished voting
*Maintain proper distance of 6 feet away from others
*Respect your poll workers
*Be patient, many poll workers are new this year
*Be sure to thank your poll worker for their service

Special Accommodations and Assistance. If you require special assistance to vote at your polling site, let the poll worker know. Curbside help is available for those who have difficulty walking or utilize assistive devices. Ballot marketing devices are available for use with specially designed machines. Those features can also help those with hearing or vision difficulties. Be sure to let a poll worker know what accommodations you might need.

Provisional Ballots If you happen to lose a ballot, spoil it or have not received your early ballot by Election Day, you can still vote with a provisional ballot at your polling place. That ballot will be counted once it is confirmed that no other ballots have been cast for you.

Unofficial results for statewide races will be posted and refreshed starting 8:00 p.m. (CST) and7:00 p.m. (MST) on the Secretary of State website