Unofficial Primary Election Results have been counted for Custer County

CUSTER COUNTY—The unofficial results have been counted for the 2018 primary election in Custer County. Out of 7,873 registered Custer County voters, 1,763 showed up to the polls on Tuesday (approximately 22.4% of registered voters). Custer County Clerk Constance Gracey said approximately 50 provisional/absentee ballots will be counted and checked by the canvassing board on Wednesday.

The Custer County Board of Supervisors District #7 election was the most contested local election with six candidates vying for the spot on the board. Douglas A. Stunkel unofficially won the Republican vote for District #7 County Supervisor with 100 votes. Donna Hoblyn-Bittner unofficially won the Democratic vote with 31 votes. Stunkel and Hoblyn-Bittner will be on the ballot for the November general election. (District #7 includes Berwyn, Ansley, Westerville, Myrtle, Algernon, and Elk Creek.)

Three hundred forty-one votes were cast for Board of Supervisors in District #7; 295 Republican and 46 Democrat.

Candidates were elected on Tuesday for the Arnold and Callaway Hospital Districts. Gary Larreau (156 votes) and write-in candidates Kimberly Beshaler (26 votes) and Geraldine Webb (19 votes) will all three serve on the Arnold Hospital District Board of Directors. Mary Ross (193 votes) and Mark Kimball (191 votes) will both serve on the Callaway Hospital District Board of Directors, having surpassed Dan Lewandowski (63 votes).

As of 10:04 p.m., the website for office of Secretary of State John Gale reported that 485 out of 1,464 precincts had been fully reported, with 202,893 Nebraskans voting out of 1,199,660 registered voters.

Pete Ricketts (Republican) and Bob Krist (Democrat) were in the lead for the Governor race. Bob Evnen led Debra Perrell in the Secretary of state race and John Murante led in the race for State Treasurer over Taylor Royal.

In Custer County and statewide, Deb Fischer (Republican) and Jane Raybould (Democrat) led in the races for United States Senator.

For Congressional District #3, Congressman Adrian Smith led in the Republican race. Paul Theobald was the only democratic candidate.