Ulmer Sentenced To Probation For Theft

Ulmer Sentenced To Probation For Theft
Connie Ulmer (right) with her attorney Brian Davis (left). Pool reporter photo.

50-year-old Connie Ulmer of Broken Bow, will spend the next five years on probation following her sentencing on Thursday, September 23. Ulmer had taken a plea deal at a previous hearing and pled no contest to an amended charge of criminal attempt (Class IIIA felony).

During sentencing, Deputy County Attorney Kayla Haberstick argued the most concerning part of the pre-sentence report was the thought process of Ulmer to take money from the Broken Bow Booster Club to pay for another issue when she had other avenues available. Haberstick asked Judge Karin Noakes to go along with the plea agreement and sentence Ulmer to five years probation with a 30-day waivable jail term each year of probation.

Ulmer’s attorney Brian Davis, argued Ulmer had no criminal history and believed this was an isolated incident where she was trying to fix a mistake and instead compounded the problem. Davis also argued Ulmer had taken full responsibility for the theft and has felt ashamed and embarrassed for the damage she caused.

Davis said Ulmer has been extremely cooperative in returning the stolen money including refusing to argue against any parts of restitution. He said there were even funds included in the restitution that were not related to the charges that Ulmer agreed to pay back including a 5% interest and attorney’s fees.

Prior to being sentenced, Davis read a statement by Ulmer where she apologized to her friends, community, and Booster Club for her actions.

While handing down the sentence, Judge Noakes said it was clear there was no reason to lecture Ulmer, but said that her actions have created distrust in the community and the Booster Club. She also said that while this was a complete lapse in judgment, one lapse should not define her entire life.

Ulmer was sentenced to five years probation with a 30-day waivable jail term each year of probation. If Ulmer fails to comply with any of the terms of probation she will have to serve 30 days in jail, if she does comply the 30 days can be waived. She was also ordered to write an apology letter to the Booster Club and cannot provide financial services to any non-profit to go along with all other probational terms.

Gerome McLaurin, 51, will remain in prison after he was sentenced on a single count of distribution of a controlled substance (Class II felony). Judge Noakes sentenced him to 12-18 months in prison to be served concurrently with a Buffalo County case. McLaurin was also ordered to pay $503.34 to Mead Lumber and $210 to Grocery Kart in restitution.

Christopher Gallett, 30 of Broken Bow, has taken a plea deal where was accused of two counts of child abuse- not resulting in serious injury (Class IIIA felony). After pleading no contest to one of the charges, the second was dismissed.

According to the factual basis, on March 9, 2020, Broken Bow PD received a report of a child being struck by a metal hanger. After an investigation, Gallett was found to have struck a minor child in the arm with a metal hanger that had left a welt and bruised the child’s arm.

He will now appear to be sentenced on the lone charge on November 18 at 9:45 AM. Gallett could be sentenced up to 18 months in prison for the charge.

A bench warrant was issued for Andrew Adams, 54, for failing to appear. Adams is accused of distribution of a controlled substance (Class II felony). His bond was set at 10% of $50,000

A bench warrant was also issued for 30-year-old Marrisa Stephens, who did not appear for her sentencing on two different charges of possession of a controlled substance-methamphetamine (Class IV felony). Judge Noakes ordered bond be set at 10% of $25,000 in both cases.