Tough Tax Times for Governor Ricketts

Omaha, NE.—These are tough tax times for Governor Pete Ricketts.

Just hours before one panel of state lawmakers goes public with a plan that includes tax hikes the governor opposes, another key panel is pushing back on a Ricketts tax cut.

The governor issuing a statement late Tuesday night complaining about the Appropriations Committee’s vote to chop his latest property tax credit in half from $51 million to $26 million.

Ricketts says the move sends the wrong message at a time when Nebraska farmers and homeowners need tax relief.

Earlier Tuesday the governor took the Revenue Committee to task.

The committee has scheduled a public hearing for Wednesday on what Ricketts calls the largest tax hike in state history.

Among other things Revenue’s proposed bill would raise the state sales and cigarette taxes.

Ricketts is accusing the lawmakers of being addicted to government spending.