Three Men Facing Charges of Terroristic Threats

CUSTER COUNTY—Ricky G. McAlevy Jr., 30 of Broken Bow, waived preliminary hearing on Monday afternoon in Custer County Court. He currently faces four felony charges following an alleged November 17 incident: kidnapping (class IA), first degree domestic assault (class IIA), terroristic threats (class IIIA), and third degree domestic assault second offense (class IIIA). His case was bound over to District Court and McAlevy Jr. will appear for arraignment this Thursday.

A Montana man faces a maximum three years imprisonment for charges of terroristic threats (class IIIA felony) after an alleged incident this past Friday. Judge Tami Schendt reduced Timothy A. Kroeze’s, 29, bond to $10,000 with a ten percent privilege. Kroeze will appear back in court on December 18.

Thomas M. Zimmer, 32 of Broken Bow, also faces charges of terroristic threats (class IIIA felony), use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony (class IC felony), and possession of deadly weapon by prohibited person (class ID felony). These charges follow an event that allegedly took place in June of this year. Zimmer’s case was continued until January 22.

Many cases were continued during County Court including those of Guy Holloway, Bruce L. Hahn (62 of Mason City), and Nickoli L. Petersen. Hahn and Petersen will all appear back in court on January 22.