The City Divided by a Creek

RANDOLPH – One Nebraska city faces a problem that could lead to the displacement of some of its life-long citizens.

The Middle Logan Creek, in the city of Randolph, is a federally designated floodplain.

Q: What does that mean?

A: It means Randolph is subject to flood-related regulations.

So what action, if any, should the city take?

Many people in the area want to widen the creek, in efforts to eliminate the floodplain, but that comes at a cost to others.

Widening the creek means that residences nearby would be destroyed to make the necessary room, displacing residents.

On the other hand, with the floodplain gone, new construction, renovations or additions to existing buildings, will no longer be subject to strict state and federal regulations.

Regulations that some feel are possibly holding back the growth of Randolph.

City officials believe that by widening the creek and getting rid of strict regulations new families and businesses will make a home in Randolph.

City Administrator Kelsey Backer says, “the bigger picture is the lively hood of our town. If we want to continue as a thriving small community in the future, not just a couple years from now… we have to think about that and what steps as a city we can take to ensure that it happens.”

Current Randolph resident Patrick Sheldon wants to know why the federal government is not examining other solutions.

“I don’t understand. If the government can come and they can re-evaluate the situation, then there would be no reason to make it wider, would there?”

Q: Will the final solution lead to people losing their homes?

A: Right now, there is no word of the fate of the creek or the homes of people nearby.

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you up to date on the issue.