Tecumseh Salutes Vietnam Veterans On Honor Ride

NEBRASKA CITY- Hundreds of motorcycle riders escorted a bus of Vietnam veterans from Lincoln to Tecumseh where the citizens came out in droves to show their love and support.

People gathered along the highway to wave and salute.

Pulling into Tecumseh the procession was met by a fire truck and escorted to the center of town, where 474 flags were raised around the courthouse and patriotic music was played.

Event organizer Glenn Shriner spoke about the turn out and why it was important to make this possible for these veterans.

Shriner: “This event turned out to be a lot more than what I thought it would be. This town truly put it together. I mean, as soon as the vets stepped off the bus, some of them were in tears and they couldn’t believe the welcoming they got here.”

“This was definitely the right call and definitely the right town to do it in. We definitely thank Tecumseh and thank everyone who supported us.”

Vietnam veterans in attendance spoke about their experiences coming home from the war to a country that acted like they didn’t want them and how the events today, in Tecumseh, made them feel.

Rodger Kudrna: “ I was proud to be able to serve in the United States Army. I was in the Army from 68-71. I had the opportunity to tour Vietnam.

“I just want to say that this is a wonderful event for all the veterans, those that support veterans, all the bike riders. When we got back from Vietnam we were not allowed this kind of good things to happen to us.

“So on the ride down here today there were farmers who were out in their fields who got out of their tractors held their hands and their hats over their hearts. It’s emotional for me.
I’m just very thankful for what this day is doing and the organizers of this event. It brought many tears to my eyes and I am just so glad that I was able to participate in this event today. So I thank everyone for doing it, all the riders and all the vets. So thank you very much.”

Kevin Reed of the Lincoln Zodiacs shared why it was important for him to take the opportunity to escort these veterans.

Reed: “We decided to ride today for veterans, you know, to show our respect to those who serve our country and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and passed away. You know, just show the support.”

Event organizers are hoping to be able to put together a ride again next year.