Supervisors Table 30×30 Land Grab Resolution To June Meeting

"[Federal government], keep your damn nose out of Custer County."

- Supervisor Don Olson

CUSTER COUNTY— The Custer County Courthouse and the Custer County Judicial Center will see their internet speed increased after the Custer County Board of Supervisors approved a five-year contract that would increase the speeds from 20 Mbps to 50 Mbps.

On Tuesday, May 25, the Supervisors were deciding if a three-year plan or five-year plan was better for the two locations. District 3 Supervisor Barry Fox had been looking into the different options and found if the Supervisors voted to go with the smaller contract, it would end up costing more than the five-year contract.

Supervisor Fox informed the board that it would cost $900 combined for the two buildings for a five-year contract while a three-year contract was priced at $927.50. The Supervisors voted in favor of the five-year contract which also has the option of allowing for renegotiation if more internet speed is needed.

A backhoe loader was also purchased for the Custer County Roads Department from Murphey Tractor & Equipment in North Platte. Bids were opened from three different businesses including Titan Machinery in North Platte, Caterpillar Inc., and Murphey.

Titan Machinery submitted two high bids of $132,500 and $130,600 on two different machines, Caterpillar had the middle bid of $114,750, and Murphy submitted the lowest bid of $108,500. With the trade-in of a New Holland backhoe, the final cost for the newly purchased John Deere backhoe will be $87,500 and will be delivered in the next few months depending on prior orders. The purchase was approved 5-1 with District 7 Supervisor Doug Stunkel the only ‘No’ vote.

The 30×30 land grab resolution was back on the agenda for the Supervisors on Tuesday, but no action was taken due to wording in the proposed resolutions. Custer County Attorney Steve Bowers presented two different resolutions to the Supervisors which, generally, stated Custer County was against the 30×30 land grab.

While most of the resolution was agreed upon, District 5 Supervisor Don Olson, was concerned that some of the wording might convey that any changes to the land would have to come before the board including anyone enrolling in CRP (Conservation Reserve Program).

Supervisor Stunkel said he wants to make sure the County has the final say in the easements and to keep the federal government from possessing land in the area. Supervisor Olson agreed and said a message needs to be sent to the federal government to, “keep your damn nose out of Custer County.”

He also acknowledged that while the goal is to keep the feds out of the county, private landowners need to be able to make decisions about their own land. The resolution was tabled to the next meeting to allow more time to discuss with the planning commission in June.

Other approvals from the meeting included reappointments to the Tourism Commission Board and Handbook Committee, five-year fire sprinkler inspections, relinquishing Rd. 1519 to the East Custer Township, releasing the deed of trust for a bowling alley, and setting a public hearing for Rd. 1128 and Rd. 1679 on June 29 at 10:15 AM.