Supervisors Open Bids For Multiple Projects Throughout County

CUSTER COUNTY— The last meeting for the Custer County Board of Supervisors in the month of March had a full agenda, but most of the meeting centered around opening bids for a number of projects through the Custer County Highway Department.

On Tuesday, March 30, the Supervisors approved entering a $10,000 contract with Marvin Consulting to help clean up some of the zoning regulations to match other documents and to also make them easier to read. Custer County Zoning Administrator Darci Tibbs stated that the current regulations and documents were very difficult to read and understand and felt this was necessary to help clear up any issues. District 2 Supervisor Tammy Kleeb agreed that this was needed and Custer County Attorney Steve Bowers stated this would make everything much more user-friendly and easy to understand.

Custer County Recycling Manager Kelly Flynn gave a quick update on his quarterly report and stated that prices had gone up recently bringing additional money to the recycling center. According to Flynn’s report, since December 2020 the recycling center had received 48,604 pounds of recycling material from 29 trailers. Currently, there are 46.4 tons of recycling inventory at the center valued at $4,547.80.

The Supervisors also agreed to go through Westbrook Audio and Lighting to install an updated audio system in the Supervisors Room which will include speakers for a better listening experience in the audience. District 3 Supervisor Barry Fox stated the equipment was priced at $12,440, but the labor was not calculated into the quote. The Supervisors voted unanimously to go forward with the project with plans to pull the money from either the general fund or the special building fund.

The Custer County Highway Department will soon be starting and continuing a number of projects and on Tuesday opened bids related to the different projects. Bids were opened for a mowing tractor, asphalt, culver pipe and related materials, grader, drag blades, gravel, motor grader, EWP bank stabilization projects, and bids on a county bridge project. Many of the bids were forwarded to the Highway Committee for further discussion and a decision.

Also approved was the re-appointment of Mark Rempe, Custer County Emergency Manager, to the Nebraska Regional Interoperability Network Board.