Supervisors, Officials, And Deputies Sworn In

Supervisors, Officials, And Deputies Sworn In
Front row l-r: Angie Ryan, Deputy Clerk Dist. Court; Amy Oxford, Clerk of Dist. Court; Lana Moran, Deputy Co. Tres.; Sheri Bryant, Co. Treas.; Susie Thompson, Deputy Reg. Deeds; Christie Trumbull, Reg. of Deeds; Jay Gromley, Surveyor; Dan Osmond, Sheriff; Steve Bowers, Co. Attorney; Kelly Jacobsen, Deputy Co. Clerk; Constance Gracey, Co. Clerk; Lana Lymber, Assessor. Back Row: Doug Stunkel, Dist. 7; Barry Fox, Dist. 3; Don Olson, Dist. 5; and Bobby Myers, Dist. 1.

CUSTER COUNTY— The first Custer County Board of Supervisors meeting of 2019 began with the swearing in of the Supervisors, officials, and deputies by the Honorable Judge Tami Schendt on Tuesday, January 15. Following the swearing in, the Supervisors began the meeting by reorganizing and assigning each Supervisor different departments throughout the county. The Supervisors also voted Barry Fox as the Chairman as well as voting Don Olson as the Vice Chairman of the board.

Custer County Treasurer, Sheri Bryant, brought the first resolution of 2019 to the board where they voted to allow her to distribute excess funds from the county into banks authorized by the Board of Supervisors. Other approvals from the board included increasing mileage rates for the Custer County Sheriff’s Office to $0.58 per mile.

Also approved was allowing Chris Jacobsen, Highway Superintendent, to establish load limit restrictions throughout the county. The resolution that followed the load limit restrictions, that was also approved, was the allowing of permit applications to exceed those restrictions and be able to travel on county roads.

The Supervisors did vote 4 “yes”, 1 “no” (Tammy Kleeb), and 1 “abstain” (Bobby Myers) on approving funds to Healing Hearts and Families in the amount of $9,013.20. Due to the government shutdown, Healing Hearts has not received any federal funding and it was asked that the county help the organization while the shutdown continues.

The renovation projects to the court house were the final topics of discussion for the board which also included awarding a bid to Myers Construction. Barry Fox said that Kyle Wolf with Myers Construction had placed two bids with one concerning insulation and repairs and the other, dealing with the drainage off of the courthouse. The board voted with 5 “yes” votes and 1 “abstain” vote (Bobby Myers) to award a $19,454 bid to Myers Construction on repairs throughout the courthouse as well as insulation installment.

The other bid dealing with installing a drainage system from the courthouse into the parking lot was tabled after the board decided they wanted a more defined plan for the drain. The approximate bid amount for the drain project was $4,335.

The next Custer County Board of Supervisors meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 29 at 9 A.M.