Supervisors Discuss Potential Options for Transporting Recycling Trailers

Supervisors Discuss Potential Options for Transporting Recycling Trailers
Recycling Manager Kelly Flynn and the County Supervisors discuss recycling trailers on July 28.

BROKEN BOW—County recycling trailers were one of many topics discussed during the Custer County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday morning, July 28. Supervisor Don Olson said he wanted to look at the various costs and options for bringing recycling trailers in surrounding communities to the recycling center in Broken Bow.

Recycling Manager Kelly Flynn spoke before the board regarding prices for materials that have gone down, but are starting to increase. He said #1 and #2 plastics are widely accepted in most markets and that recycled paper is used for house insulation.

As for the trailers, representatives from Anselmo, Ansley, Arnold, Callaway, and Sargent all emphasized the importance of recycling in their respective communities and that the public enjoys utilizing the services. Sargent representative Reese Jenson and Tammy Burnett from Anselmo said they enjoy having the trailers in town but probably would not be able to get the trailers to Broken Bow due to a lack of manpower. Reps from Ansley, Arnold, and Callaway said they probably would be able to bring the trailers if it came down to that.

No decisions were made by the board but the supervisors discussed possibly adopting a new plan within the next year.

Custer Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Andrew Ambriz presented the annual CDBG report and the board approved to pay the claim for the CDBG loan agreement for Cheri’s Place and Co. in Arnold.

A special designated liquor license was approved for a barrel race scheduled September 4-7 at the fairgrounds.

The board also approved a memorandum of understanding for Juvenile Service Enhancement funding to bring another juvenile therapist to the area. County Attorney Steve Bowers said the county will receive claims from Healing Hearts and Families and then distribute funds received from the state.

Conversations continued regarding the possible vacation of several roads in Custer County. Public hearings were held regarding Road #818 and Road #44 near the Adams Land and Cattle feedlot in the Broken Bow Township. Both roads were voted to be relinquished back to the township. The township has 120 days to decide if it wants to maintain those roads.

Alden Unruh expressed concerns for some of the dangers on a county road and presented a proposal on Road #857. The Custer Township requested the board to wait until the road study is completed before deciding to relinquish the road or not. Township representatives said they do not have enough money in the budget to maintain and return the road to better conditions. The supervisors voted to table Unruh’s proposal in order to complete the road study on Road #857.

Discussions regarding Road #755 and Road #1146 were on the agenda following the July 14 meeting but were again tabled until the board hears back from the railroad and Anderson’s.

Road studies were accepted for Roads #1854, #1239, #947, and #1143. Public hearings were set for the supervisors meeting on Tuesday, August 25.

Treasurer Sheri Bryant presented the motor vehicle annual exemption applications for 10 applicants which encompassed 34 vehicles. All of the applications (Form 457) were approved. The Nebraska Department of Revenue requires exemptions to state tax to be exclusively for agricultural/horticultural educational, cemetery, charitable, or religious special usage by organizations. Organizations are still required to pay for registration fees, sales tax, plate fees.

The board voted to approve Resolution #35-2020 updating how salaries are set for appointed officials. These salaries are addressed during county budget planning but the resolution added a “sunset clause” on a previous five-year agreement from 2013.

Following discussions with Attorney Steve Bowers, no action was taken for a juvenile services contract in Lincoln nor was action taken regarding class action bankruptcy for opioids. The board also voted to table an addendum to the Blue Cross Blue Shield employee health insurance agreement for new hires until some clarification can be provided regarding the dates in which employees and family members are eligible for insurance.