Supervisor Stunkel Wants County To Look At Shutting Down Judicial Center Permanently

Supervisor Stunkel Wants County To Look At Shutting Down Judicial Center Permanently
Photo from April 10, 2019 Custer County Supervisors Meeting

CUSTER COUNTY— The Custer County Board of Supervisors met via teleconference on Tuesday, April 28 where they held a meeting that took less than an hour.

Discussions took an interesting turn during policy discussions about the Custer County Courthouse when District 7 Supervisor Doug Stunkel suggested to close the Judicial Center permanently.

“Why don’t we close the Judicial Center indefinitely, think about what it costs us to keep it open. I think we should close it completely. What is it doing for the people?” Stunkel continued, “It is furnishing a place for a bunch of lawyers to operate out of.”

District 5 Supervisor Don Olson said that Stunkel needs to remember, “the purpose what it was built for in the first place.” He also asked Stunkel what he suggested they should do with the building if it was closed.

“Pizza Hut could move out there. There has been a court case going on out there for ten years, it ain’t mine, what are the people paying for?” Stunkel continued, “I think it ought to be looked into. What do you think?”

District 2 Supervisor Tammy Kleeb, discontinued the conversation and moved on to the topic of the policies on reopening the courthouse and driver’s license examination office. Kleeb had concerns that if the offices were opened too early, there would be a chance of people from high risk areas coming to take their exams.

Other concerns were people not being able to conduct business with the courthouse closed. Ultimately, the Supervisors voted to delay the decision to open the courthouse until their next meeting on May 12. Stunkel and Olsen were the only two Supervisors to vote no on the proposal.

Other topics included discussing the resignation of Ridge Horkey who was the Weed Superintendent until he resigned in early April. Discussions about possibly contracting him to provide the services of the position were talked about. Horkey will provide a proposal in writing for the Supervisors at the next meeting.