Stapleton Finishes Runner-Up In Class D1 At The NSAA Play Production Championships

NORFOLK— It wasn’t the perfect ending for the Stapleton Play Production team, but it was an excellent performance none the less for a school that had not been to the NSAA State Championships in over 20 years.

Pawnee City had a nearly flawless performance to take the D1 Championship earning perfect scores and first-place votes from two of the three judges. Being no stranger to the State Championships, Pawnee City finished third in Class C2 last year, was state runner up in 2013 (C2) and 2018 (D1), and was a state champion in Class C2 in 2014, 2016, and 2020.

Stapleton was able to able to put together 173 points which put them in a tie with Paxton for the runner-up spot. It then came down to judge placings where Stapleton was place one rank higher than Paxton, earning the team the runner-up trophy.

With the second-place finish, Stapleton will have another trophy to add to the case for the first time since taking runner up in Class D1 in 1996.

2020 NSAA State Play Production Championships- Class D1:

  1. Pawnee City, “Gathering Blue”-178
  2. Stapleton, “Silenced On Barbour Street”-173
  3. Paxton, “Belmont Papers”-173
  4. Osceola, “Silenced On Barbour Street”-170
  5. Wynot, “Oz”-169
  6. Bertrand, “That’s Not How I Remember It”-162