Sparks From Power Pole Meter To Blame For Wednesday Afternoon Fire

As hot weather and lack of rain continues to dry up ground across central Nebraska, Broken Bow Fire and EMS coordinator Andy Holland is reminding people to use extra caution this summer and into fall. The Broken Bow Fire Department has stayed busy to start July with three fires in the past two weeks.

The department’s most recent fire on Wednesday, July 9 started after a meter box exploded on a power pole. The sparks from the explosion started a fire on private pasture land south of the Custer County Highway Department buildings.

Custer County Communications dispatched Broken Bow Fire at 2:14 PM to the scene where three grass fire trucks, two water tank trucks, and ten firemen responded. Holland stated that the fire was moving quickly to the north due to dry conditions and high winds.

The fire burned less than two acres before crews were able to extinguish the flames and clear the scene just over two hours later.