Sources: Krist to Switch to Democrats for Gov Run

Sources: Krist to Switch to Democrats for Gov Run
Senator Bob Krist

Omaha, NE—News Channel Nebraska has learned that State Sen. Bob Krist will drop his independent label and run for governor as a Democrat.

The formal announcement is scheduled for tomorrow in Lincoln, when Krist is joined by Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler—a Democrat—and several current and former state senators.

Krist, who has not been available for comment, recently told NCN that the Nebraska Democratic Party has been urging him to run with them. At that time Krist, who has been struggling to raise money reporting $14,000 in his campaign account, said he is pursuing the “best path forward.”

Last month Democratic State Chair Jane Kleeb told NCN a Krist-switch would pave the way for a winning coalition to break up what she calls the “current one-Party rule” in Nebraska.

The deadline for Krist to switch parties and file for governor as a Democrat is Thursday.

When Krist joins the Democrats it will be his third political brand in the last five months: In September he turned in his long-time GOP badge for that independent stamp.

Krist will quickly become the front runner for the Democrat’s nomination. Two other announced candidates, Vanessa Ward and Tyler Davis are new to politics and as News Channel Nebraska has reported Ward’s campaign has been plagued with problems from day one.

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