Simon House Hosting Annual Event to Make Building Handicap Accessible

COLUMBUS – Simon House is hosting an annual event on Saturday, with help from a popular author, to raise money towards converting the main entrance of the building.

The event is being held at the Family Life Center on Saturday, but a book signing with Author Jane Knuth is being held at Simon House on Friday. Knuth is the author of several books, including Thrift Store Saints and Thrift Store Graces.

“Because this fundraiser is about making Simon House handicap accessible, I’m going to tell a couple stories about how hard it is for people on crutches, people in wheelchairs to get in places like this, and ho important that is. Because they’re often people who really need a thrift store,” says Knuth.

Simon House Director/Manager Lucy Lutjelusche says at the event their will be table decorated, each representing a different fall theme. Lutjelusche’s table was themed Simon’s Gems.

“I just really wanted to put a table out, to let them know how much I, as well as my employees, we appreciate everyone that makes Simon House, Simon House,” says Lutjelusche.

Simon House Board Member Judy Puetz says they still have a few tickets still available for purchase, if anyone decides they would like to attend the event on Saturday, with doors opening at 11 a.m. Puetz and Lutjelusche both say they are extremely excited to listen to Knuth tell her stories.

Both say the stories in Knuth’s books were extremely relatable to what happens at Simon House on a day to day basis.

“Just as a lark, we thought ¬†wouldn’t be something if we could get Jane here,” says Puetz. “I got ahold of her anyway and I said do you travel anywhere, and she goes yes. I said would you be willing to come to Columbus? And she yes, I about fell out my chair.”

There will auction opportunities at the event and Tea with Simon House will be held at the Family Life Center in downtown Columbus.