Senators Linehan And Brewer Introduce LB 261 To Ensure National Guard Memorial Designations

Senator Lou Ann Linehan (District 39), Senator Tom Brewer (District 43), and lawyer Allison Heimes held a press conference on Tuesday, January 12, in the Capitol Rotunda regarding Legislative Bill 261, which ensures our National Guard members receive permanent marking and designating of a grave for memorial purposes.

Allison Heimes is an immigration lawyer from Elkhorn, Nebraska. Heimes challenged Senator Linehan for Legislative District 39 state senate seat in 2020.

Mrs. Heimes brought the issue to Senator Linehan’s attention. Her brother, Matthew Myers, was a member of the National Guard. Matthew passed away in 2017. Under current law, he was not eligible to receive a veteran grave marker.

LB261 was introduced on behalf of Mrs. Heimes and her family. LB261 will ensure that all National Guard members, whether they are state or federally activated, receive the proper grave markers upon their burial.