Seat Belts Not Used And Alcohol Suspected In Crash From Late June

An investigation has completed on a one-vehicle accident near Ansley, on June 27, which resulted in one person being admitted to the hospital. According to the accident report from the Custer County Sheriff’s Office, 43-year-old Stephanie Jensen of Mason City was driving a silver 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee east on Road 451, when she failed to negotiate a left turn on the road.

The report states that when the vehicle reached the curve in the road, there was no indication that the vehicle attempted to swerve or turn indicated by the tracks still present in the gravel. Once the vehicle left the roadway, it began to roll to the right and came to rest on the roof, just a few feet away from the road.

While no seatbelts were in use by any of the five occupants, only 25-year-old Chantel Fecht of Mason City, who was seated in the middle of the back seat, was taken to the hospital with possible injuries to her back. Emergency services were not notified of the accident and she was transported to Melham Medical Center by other means before law enforcement arrived on the scene.

Airbags deployed in all locations of the vehicle, except in the middle position in the back seat where an airbag is not available. The vehicle sustained extensive damage and was listed as totaled. While the driver’s Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) was not tested, the report does say alcohol is suspected in the cause of the accident.

A citation was issued for the accident.