Schuyler Duo Headed to Jury Trial for Cocaine Charges

Schuyler Duo Headed to Jury Trial for Cocaine Charges
Jose Arcos (left) and Christian Gomez (right) of Schuyler, were charged with two felonies.

DAVID CITY – A Schuyler duo, who were arrested after trying to blame each other for cocaine possession, are headed for a jury trial in Butler County.

Jose Arcos, 22, pled guilty to felony possession of a controlled substance and felony tampering with evidence, and due for a jury trial on January 11th, says court records.

Christian Gomez, 22, pled guilty on two charges of possession of a controlled substance and will appear for his jury trial on February 21st, says court records.

The affidavit says the two men were in a car full of six people, when they were pulled over back in August. Court records say a deputy found several drugs in the vehicle, including cocaine, marijuana, and prescription pills from Mexico.

The two men each told deputies, that the other man was to blame for possession of the cocaine, at the time of the arrest, says the affidavit.


BUTLER COUNTY, Neb. – Two men are facing a couple of felony drug charges in Butler County, including one man who attempted to swallow marijuana.

22-year-old Jose Arcos and 22-year-old Christian Gomez, both of Schuyler, are charged with cocaine possession. Arcos is charged with also charged with tampering with evidence, while Gomez is charged with possession of illegal prescription pills.

According the court documents, on August 1st,  the Butler County Sheriffs office pulled over a truck with six people inside after a deputy witnessed glass being tossed out of the window. The affidavit says, the deputy soon smelled marijuana and told the occupants to step out so he could search the truck.

The records say, the deputy witnessed Arcos with a mouthful of marijuana. Arcos could not respond to a question from the deputy and eventually spit out the marijuana, upon command from the deputy. Police say in the affidavit that Arcos admitted to destroying evidence by swallowing a half an ounce of pot.

The records say the deputy then found cocaine on the floorboard in the truck, in between where Arcos and Gomez were sitting. The affidavit says both men blamed the other for possession of the cocaine.

The documents say, the deputy also found a glass container with prescription pills, a schedule IV drug inside the truck. The affidavit says, the container had no prescription label on it, but Gomez did show the deputy a piece of paper with a prescription from Mexico.

Both men head to Butler County court on September 14th.