Royal: Murante ‘Not Qualified’ for State Treasurer’s Job

Royal: Murante ‘Not Qualified’ for State Treasurer’s Job
Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert Endorses Taylor Royal for State Treasurer

Omaha, Ne.—When it comes to Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment—“Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican”— Taylor Royal isn’t listening.

Less than seven months after losing a long shot bid to be Omaha’s mayor, Royal announced today that he’s running for State Treasurer and said his opponent in next spring’s GOP primary—State Sen. John Murante—is “not qualified” for the job. During an interview with News Channel Nebraska he also said his father—who shelled out $241,000 for Royal’s mayor’s race—won’t bankroll this campaign.

NCN: Your opponent has been endorsed by the Governor, Lt. Governor, current State Treasurer and the State Auditor. Would you agree you’re the underdog in this race.

Royal: No. It’s well known that (Murante) wanted to run for Secretary of State and he got beat to the punch. And so now he is running for a position that he doesn’t have the background in, not qualified for, doesn’t have certification and so he’s looking to keep his political life alive.

NCN: Your father pretty much bankrolled your mayor’s race. Will he do the same thing for this race?

Royal: We’re going to create a big coalition of Nebraskans who will support my campaign….We’re going to have broad support, gain a lot from outside of Omaha as well. That’s the race we’re going to be, a more traditional campaign.

NCN: So, is that a ‘no’ your father is not going to bankroll this race?

Royal: The answer is yes, he will not.

The 27-year-old Royal made his announcement with Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert at his side.
State Sen. John Murante
During last spring’s city primary Royal accused Stothert of poor leadership during her first four years in the mayor’s office. Then, just a week after coming up short in the primary, Royal endorsed Stothert’s re-election. Stothert went on to defeat Democrat Heath Mello.

As he kicks-off his bid (see video above) for Treasurer, Royal—who is also endorsed by Nebraska Patriots for Trump— lists several campaign promises including urging lower income and property taxes, government efficiency and “Love for our neighbor.”

Murante has not been available for comment.

No Democrat is currently running.

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