Ricketts ‘Knew’ About Krist Videos But…

Omaha, NE.—In an exclusive interview with News Channel Nebraska, Gov. Pete Ricketts says when it comes to three controversial videos regarding his Democratic rival, State Sen. Bob Krist, Ricketts knew about the videos before they were released by the Nebraska Republican Party.

At the same time Gov. Ricketts he says he won’t comment on them.

Why? Because he says he hasn’t seen them.

(See Joe’s on camera interview with Gov. Ricketts above).

According to the Nebraska Republican Party, the videos show Krist drinking on the job. A GOP spokesman adds, “Nebraska voters deserve to know the facts surrounding Sen. Krist’s drinking habits.”

The Krist campaign says the videos show “nothing” and an NCN review finds no obvious drinking.

NCN’s Joe Jordan: The Nebraska Republican Party, your Party, they’re putting out these videos they say help allege that Sen. Krist drank on the job. But the videos don’t seem to show him drinking. What are your thoughts on that?

Gov. Ricketts: Well, I haven’t seen the videos so I really can’t comment on it, Joe.

NCN’s Joe Jordan: Do you think Sen. Krist has a drinking problem? Should that be an issue in this campaign?

Gov. Ricketts: Again, I haven’t seen the videos Joe so I really can’t tell you.

NCN’s Joe Jordan: Is the possibility of him drinking an issue in the campaign? Put the videos aside.

Gov. Ricketts: I’ve been talking about the things that I think Nebraskans want to hear about in regards to growing our state, the things we’ve been doing over the past three-and-a-half plus years to grow Nebraska and that’s what I plan to continue talking about.

NCN’s Joe Jordan: Did you have any pre-knowledge of those videos going out?

Gov. Ricketts: Well I knew that they had videos on him but like I said I haven’t even seen them myself.

More with the Governor in a moment but first News Channel Nebraska has examined the videos which, according to the GOP, were shot last spring at Billy’s Restaurant down the street from the Nebraska State Capitol.

Here’s what NCN found:

Video 1: Krist and fellow State Sen. Burke Harr are sitting across from each other talking. In the 1-minute and nine seconds Krist never takes a drink…of anything.

Video 2: Krist is behind a bar and it’s not clear what he’s doing (the GOP says he’s pouring himself “another drink.”) But he walks away and out of camera shot never taking a drink…of anything…in the 29 seconds of video.

Video 3: Krist is walking to his car and puts what appears to be a cup on the roof as he opens the back door, takes off his jacket and places the jacket inside. He then takes the item off the top of the car, opens the driver door, gets inside and drives off. In the 51 seconds of video there is no clear view of Krist taking a drink…of anything.

Now back to our interview with Gov. Ricketts:

NCN’s Joe Jordan: Since (the videos) are such an integral part of what is going on right now between the Nebraska GOP and Sen. Krist should you take a look at (the videos) and see what they are and maybe weigh in?

Gov. Ricketts: Well, I think I’m going to continue to focus on talking about what we’ve done for Nebraska over the last three-and-a-half years. That’s what we’re focusing on, all the things we’ve done to grow Nebraska in regards to providing that property tax relief, making it easier to do business, the international relationships we’ve developed to be able to grow our trade opportunities. All those are things that help us grow our state. That’s what I’m going to focus on.

NCN’s Joe Jordan: So you won’t be looking at the videos?

Gov. Ricketts: I don’t have any plans to no.

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