Revitalization Gets Traction in Pierce

PIERCE – The Pierce Chamber of Commerce with other city officials just finished a year-long study to determine the needs of business owners and residents for the revitalization of the downtown areas.

The study, which evaluates growth opportunities for the small town, looks at economic factors such as tax rates and family-owned small business owners retiring.

The chamber made its mission to bring people to town.

Member Todd Wragge, says the downtown of any city is what determines if families stay or not.

“We believe that the downtown is kind of what gauges if people want to come live here, shop here, send their kids to school here, ” Wragge says.

One of the solutions from the program would be to have apprentices train with small business managers in an effort to keep them open after the owners retire.

Wragge says other small communities have put the same plan in place and have succeeded in drawing economic opportunities in to stay.

“I think it’s important because it helps small towns, continue to be alive and thrive. A lot of other communities in the area have used it and we have seen good results with other communities, their downtown’s look nice, they look vibrant and we want that for ours. We want that for Pierce.”

With the ideas created by this project, community leaders will use them to bring back business into the downtown area.