Public Tax Forum Leads to Debate

The Independent Cattleman of Nebraska hosted a public forum discussing the dilemma of property taxes in Nebraska and how local school districts can better serve students.

The forum was open to the public and featured four Nebraskan panelists, Omaha attorney David Domina; Linda Richards, past president of the Nebraska Association of School Boards; and state Sen. Tom Briese of Albion, all who specialize in the issues at the heart of this discussion.

Richards represented the need for school district funding and says restricting and cutting money from school districts budgets is not a solution to lowering property tax.

“It’s also very important to me though, that we not balance this stool, this three-legged stool of property tax, income tax and sales tax. That we not balance it on the backs of K-12 education.”

Richards hopes that with this forum, comes a renewed interest by government officials to find a solution to the problem after years of changing with no improvement.

“We’re hoping that the results will open up another set of dialog with important people who want to have a conversation about making tough decisions, leadership is about tough choices and decision making.”

The forum’s topics included the history of tax codes in the state, possible solutions, and how to balance tax revenue with the needs of the people living in the state.

The forum was a way for Northeast Nebraskans to make their voices heard and figure out how to move forward with these important issues. Both the public and panelists found the forum constructive, but a change in tax regulations will be the only indicator.