Problem Court Gained Another Member After A Plea Deal In District Court

CUSTER COUNTY— The Broken Bow man who had been arrested in mid-August on counts of possession with intent to distribute has had his sentencing deferred to a later date depending on the completion or dismissal from problem solving court. Tyler Sleicher was scheduled for a hearing on Thursday, October 11 in District Court. In a plea agreement with the state, Sleicher pled guilty to the charges of intent to distribute-marijuana, possession of a controlled substance-methamphetamine, and possession of a controlled substance-THC. With the plea agreement, the state agreed to dismiss two other cases against Sleicher and agreed to having the defendant admitted into problem solving court.

Holli Erstrom, of Callaway, appeared in court on charged of theft, a class II A felony. Erstrom and her attorney reached a plea agreement with the state which stated that with a guilty or no-contest plea that the theft would be reduced to criminal attempt, a class III A felony. Erstrom pled no-contest to the charge of criminal intent to which she had stolen over $6,000 in a cash-replacement scheme from a CO-OP. Erstom is scheduled for sentencing on November, 15 at 10 A.M.

Danielle Blake, of North Platte, appeared in court on violation of probation. While the state had initially asked for Blake to admit to the probation violation, the state elected in the end to drop the charge of the violation. Blake, who had recently had a child, has drastically improved her health and told the court that she had decided to quit using methamphetamine in December and in late January found out she was pregnant. Blake told the court while she has not received counseling, her ex-husband and grandmother had been helping her through the entire process. Judge Karin Noakes was very pleased with what she was hearing and was very happy to hear that Blake was not only was getting better, but was also winning back members of her family.

Guy Holloway, of Superior, reached a plea agreement with the state in relation to unlawful intrusion, class IV felony, in which he posted nude photos of a woman to whom he was dating. According the court, the photos were posted in error as Holloway thought the photos were being posted privately. In the plea agreement, a plea of guilty or no-contest would reduce the unlawful intrusion charge to criminal attempt, a class I misdemeanor. Holloway pled no-contest to the charge and along with the plea agreement, Judge Noakes sentenced Holloway to 21 days in jail with 21 days credited time served.

Joshua Lewandowski of Litchfield, appeared in court for sentencing in which he was found guilty previously of possession of a controlled substance. The state told the court in their argument that they thought probation was the best for Lewandowski. Even though drugs have been a problem for him, he was beginning to make progress in his job and had been clean for nearly six months. The only issue that the state saw was the fact he was still pushing blame onto others for his problems. The state asked for Lewandowski to be sentenced to probation to run concurrent with other probations in Hall County and Buffalo County.

The defense had a very similar argument to the states in saying that addicts have to hit rock bottom before they realize they need to get better. The programs that Lewandowski is participating in are helping him and even the probation officer agreed that he had seen a positive change. The defense also asked for probation to run concurrent with the other probations. Judge Noakes noted that she also had the same concern with the state with Lewandowski passing blame onto others, however was pleased with his progress and she was happy to see positive progression. Lewandowski was sentenced to three years of probation to run concurrent with the two year probation sentence in Hall County and the 18 month probation sentence in Buffalo County.

Sentencing for Carl Sherbenaut of Broken Bow was continued until November 15 at 10 A.M.