Prairie Days in Tilden

TILDEN – The storm that hit Tilden on Friday night caused a lot of damage to the city, private properties, and local businesses. But for the young crowd, the storm brought only one concern: Prairie Days.

“I would have been mad (if Prairie Days got canceled),” said Jarett Werner, a fifth grader. ” I think Prairie Days is fun.”

“I like seeing the parade and going on bounce houses,” complemented Landon Rutgens.

Prairie Days is an annual event. It brings kids of all ages and parents from around the area to enjoy their day together, with a variety of activities.

“We are having a Prairie Days, we just got done with the parade and they set up bounce houses for kids to play on,” said Rutgens.

“There is a lot of things to do out here. It was supposed to be a pool party but it got canceled because of the weather,” said Werner.

This is another example of Nebraska weather going from severe to clear in a matter of moments. The folks in Tilden looked pretty happy that their kids could come outside and play after an eventful night of severe weather.