Potential Phone Scam in Area

CUSTER COUNTY–On Wednesday, KCNI/KBBN received a phone call from a local resident reporting a phone scam. The resident said she received a phone call from someone claiming to be her grandson. The caller allegedly said he was in a car accident, gave specific details as answers to the woman’s questions (father’s name, hospital location, etc.), and even called the woman by her grandma nickname. At the end of the call, the scammer reportedly asked for money from the woman.

If you receive a phone call from someone claiming they were in an accident or were arrested and are in need of money, Custer County Sheriff Dan Osmond recommends hanging up the phone. He then says to call the person claiming to be on the other line and verify the information. Report scams to law enforcement.

“The less you hear, the better off you are,” Sheriff Osmond said. He emphasized getting verification after quickly hanging up the phone. Scammers are getting more cruel and have easier access to personal information due to online activity (social media quizzes, etc.). Be cautious when giving out any personal information.

Sheriff Osmond also recommends calling law enforcement to verify an accident or an arrest.