Ponca State Park Rolling Out New Amenities For Summer Season

Ponca State Park Rolling Out New Amenities For Summer Season
Three State Overlook - Ponca State Park

PONCA, NE — Visitors to Ponca State Park will have the option to stay in new amenities this year.

The Park nestled along the Missouri River is rolling out 10 new two-bedroom cabins this summer to keep up with increased demand.

“We’re full here,” Parks Superintendent Scott Oligmueller said.  “We always have people that are wanting to come here and stay and camp with us.”

People show up to the tune of around 900,000 visitors over the summer.  That means upping the number of cabins to 31 offerings was essential.  Oligmueller says the Park has other new features too.

“We are always growing,” Oligmueller said.  “We’ve got a lot of new things opening up, the aquatics center opened up, we’re constantly bringing in new outdoor education programs.”

Oligmueller says he’s happy the Park needs to continuously update facilities because it means the public is interested in the outdoors.  The high volume of visitors helps enable the Park staff to fulfill their mission of environmental stewardship.

“When my kids, my grandkids (are around) they still have the same opportunities that we all do today,” Oligmueller said.  “So we want to that we can preserve that and educate people about the great outdoors.”

Ponca State Park’s biggest event of the year is the Missouri River Expo in September which draws over 40,000 people in one weekend.