Police Grievance Leads to Investigation of Broken Bow Mayor

BROKEN BOW, NE — A mayor of a central Nebraska city is under investigation by the city’s own police force and the Nebraska Attorney General’s office.

Broken Bow Police Officer Ben Tucker has filed a formal grievance against Mayor Jonathon Berghorst. The grievance, obtained by our news partners KCNI/KBBN, says police were investigating an assault at a local bar on April 6th in which witnesses say Berghorst was involved.

The grievance says, at one point, the mayor threatened another officer with his job.

The letter says officers arrived at Mayor Berghorst’s residence where Officer Tucker described the Mayor as being “uncooperative and intimidating in nature, by puffing out his chest on multiple occasions, and asking me if I knew who he was.” Officer Tucker also outlines in the letter that Mayor Berghorst threatened Officer Taylor with his job by asking, “Do you like your job?”

The grievance claims the mayor was generally unprofessional and abused his power.

Officer Tucker’s account of the interaction says the mayor called Police Chief Steven Scott to the scene of questioning. The chief had a private conversation with the mayor and said the officers were done at the scene.

KCNI/KBBN reached out to Berghorst who was not immediately available for comment. The Attorney General’s Office will not comment on ongoing investigations.