Peru State Offers Scholarships To Ariens’ Families

We thought it was important to really try and help and support these families

- Dr. Dorman

PERU – Peru State College is responding to the announcement that Ariens Company is closing its Auburn manufacturing plant with an offer of a one-year scholarship to Ariens employees, their spouses and children.

The one-year scholarship covers 67 percent of the cost of tuition and is the equivalent of the tuition waiver offered to the families of College employees.

College President Dan Hanson said partnerships in southeast Nebraska is an aspect of the college’s mission.

He said offering the family tuition waiver for Ariens employees is one way to engage communities that have supported Peru State.

Dr. Jesse Dorman, vice president of enrollment management and student affairs, said the people of southeast Nebraska support each other.

Dr. Dorman: “We thought it was important to really try and help and support these families in the community. They are great partners and we know many of them and we just felt we wanted to try and help in this difficult time.”

Peru State College offers  13 majors and a bachelors of applied science for students with vocational degrees.

Dr. Dorman said the scholarship will be available to both returning and new college students.

Dr. Dorman: “When some members of our community struggle, we all feel that in some degree. Supporting these members of our community feels like the right thing and an important thing to do.”

Ariens reports that 190 employees will be impacted as it consolidates its manufacturing to its headquarters in Wisconsin.