Park Board Meeting–No Trail Master Plan Developments

Park Board Meeting–No Trail Master Plan Developments
Park Board members Sandy Bates and Carlene Albin discuss park updates on Monday evening

BROKEN BOW — Only two Park Board members were present at Monday evening’s meeting: Carlene Albin and Sandy Bates discussed park updates and the Trail Master Plan.

Park Superintendent Darren Marten gave updates of the pool shutdown, repairs after summer storms, and that the parks are being prepared for fertilizer before the fall and winter months.

The Indian Hills Park is ready for a playground; the ground has been seeded and sprinklers have been installed. According to City Administrator Brent Clark, the City Council is in the process of wrapping up the downtown project bond, and will then look into ordering playground equipment. Marten also discussed landscaping in the park just east of the new Arrow East.

There were no updates regarding the Trail Master Plan as there was nothing new from engineers at this time due to other priorities.

A few people in the audience had some questions about the plan, with one community member expressing concern of a ballot vote and increased liability for homeowners in case of injury or a crime. Clark mentioned that some of her questions were best suited for an attorney, but that the liability would be no different than a sidewalk (except that the city will maintain any potential trails; residents are currently responsible for sidewalk maintenance).

No ballot vote will be taken regarding the trail because previous town hall meetings were designed for that purpose of gaining public input. The original plan cost $7,250 and all of that money has been fundraised and paid off.

The next Park Board meeting will be in early October.