Park Board Approves Muddy Creek Trail Plan

Park Board Approves Muddy Creek Trail Plan
Boy Scouts attended Monday's Park Board meeting in Broken Bow

BROKEN BOW—A revised version of the Trail Master Plan gains approval in a four-to-two vote. The Muddy Creek trail plan has been the least controversial aspect of the biking/walking trail proposal from the beginning. However, questions were still raised during Monday’s Park Board meeting regarding funding and safety.

Click here to view the Broken Bow Muddy Creek Trail Plan_DRAFT

Chairperson Lindsay Divan said the board is still in the planning phase and that funding efforts have not yet started. City Administrator Brent Clark told the audience that construction of the trail would not proceed until grant money is secured, which will be years down the road. Clark said the next federal grant cycle–applicable to Broken Bow–is in 2020.

Divan said the Park Board serves as an advisory board to the City Council. Despite the Muddy Creek plan gaining approval to recommend to the council, no immediate action will be taken. The Muddy Creek portion of the plan will be further researched before a presentation is made to the City Council.

Board member Paul Holland voted against the Muddy Creek portion and voiced his concerns about flooding on the east side of the trail near the fairgrounds.

“I have problems with the flooding issue. Another problem I would have is with the safety part of it. The creek from that bridge on has never been developed. So, through the fire department, knowing what happens at the fairgrounds and down through there. You know, if we put concrete, rock, whatever in there, are we going to have to redo it again when we run into a storm?” Holland said.

The updated plan includes cost estimates for concrete, asphalt, and crushed rock as well as possible funding sources and a route map. Board member Stephanie Evans is excited about the possibility and said that approving this plan is a good step moving forward.

“I feel this is a step in the right direction to grow our community. I’ve been for this trail since the beginning and think this is a wonderful thing for families, any age, to use it and utilize it to its full potential and employees-it will help people commute to and from work or even on their lunch breaks. We want a healthier community, this is a great opportunity,” Evans said.

Local Boy Scouts attended Monday’s meeting as they work toward a merit badge.

Park Superintendent Darren Marten reported recent maintenance on the Melham restrooms and that work continues at Indian Hills Park in preparation for a future playground. Stephanie Evans said the board is still looking for donations.

Justin Province announced that Monday’s meeting was his last after serving for a couple of years. Anyone interested in serving on the Park Board should contact City Clerk Stephanie Wright.

The next Park Board meeting is scheduled for January 8.