One Receives A Plea Deal, Another Adds Extra Charges In County Court

CUSTER COUNTY— The Broken Bow woman who was already facing an accused felony charge and multiple misdemeanor charges from an intoxicated arrest in January, has also had an additional count of theft added to her list of misdemeanors.

LaChelle Huffman, 49 of Broken Bow, is facing eight separate counts including flight to avoid arrest, a class IV felony, class I misdemeanors: obstruction of a police officer, resisting arrest, and aggravated driving under the influence (2nd Offense).

In Custer County Court on Monday, February 4, Huffman was read four additional complaints of theft of less than $500, all of which are class II misdemeanors. All cases were set to take place for pre-trial and preliminary hearing by Judge Tami Schendt on March 18 at 2 PM.

Rusvel Chavez, 31 of Broken Bow, has taken a plea deal with the state and pled no contest to charges of criminal attempt, a class I misdemeanor. According to County Attorney Steve Bowers, with a plea of guilty or no contest, the state would ask for a $1,000 fine and would drop the possession of marijuana charge.

Chavez had been arrested in October of last year after being pulled over for speeding where officers found marijuana and THC in the vehicle. Judge Schendt followed with the plea deal and ordered Chavez to pay the $1,000 fine as well as $50 in court costs.

Melissa Nienaber, 27 of Broken Bow, had her case continued to March 25 at 2 PM as she awaits sentencing in Buffalo County.

Jessie Shafer, 29 of Lincoln, had her case continued to March 18 at 2 PM.