Old Broken Bow Clinic Building Donated To CEDC

Old Broken Bow Clinic Building Donated To CEDC
(L-R) Mike Evans, Dr. Leon Books, Dixie Books, Andrew Ambriz

BROKEN BOW— Dr. Leon and Dixie Books have impacted the community for years and their impacts continue to help Broken Bow, this time in a donation. Dr. Books spent 25 years as a physician at the Broken Bow Clinic and that same building was officially donated to the Custer County Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) on Friday, April 26.

With the potential of the building, CEDC Executive Director Andrew Ambriz, is not only eager to get started on the new project, but is also grateful for the donation.

“We’re so gracious for the gift from Dr. Leon and Dixie Books of this building,” said Ambriz. “How can we put this building to the greatest good for this community, for our members, for our organization going forward?”

The dedication reception not only celebrated the donation, but was also a thank you to a building that could benefit many. The old clinic is two levels and is separated into multiple rooms, but most of those walls are non-supporting. This means that even though the building is sectioned off, a large section of the walls can be removed to open the building up.

While there are no plans for the building at this point, Dr. Books believes that the CEDC will be able to find the perfect solution to fill the empty building.

“I think this is a good place for the building to go. This organization [CEDC], in my opinion, over the years has done a lot of good things for Broken Bow. I think our economic climate in this community is certainly in part due to what they have done over the years and hopefully that will continue and continue to make the economy around here strong.”