Officer Anderson Takes Police Officer Oath To Become Part Of Broken Bow Police Dept.

BROKEN BOW— It may have been windy, cold, and snowy, but the Broken Bow City Council held their regular meeting Tuesday, January 22, in the main floor conference room which was well attended by media, city staff, and others.

The meeting kicked off by first excusing council member Chris Myers from the meeting as well as also recognizing that Mayor Berghorst was also absent due to sickness. Following the approval of the excusing of Myers, the Council did approve the consent agenda which included the minutes from the previous meeting, approval of bills, approval of the December Treasurers report, and the approval of the Volunteer Fire Department Roster.

The highlight of the meeting was Christopher Anderson being administered the police officers oath by City Attorney Jason White. Following the oath, Officer Anderson was welcomed to the Broken Bow Police Department by handshakes and applause.

One of the most important decisions by the Council was approving the City Engineer for 2019. Miller and Associates and well as JEO Consulting Group both presented to the Council at previous meeting to make their points on why they should be selected as the Broken Bow City Engineer.

While the appointment actually comes from the Mayor, it comes at the consent of the Council. Before the vote, City Clerk Stephanie Wright told the Council that Mayor Berghorst told her on the phone that he recommended JEO Consulting Group. The Council did follow the recommendation and voted unanimously to go forward with JEO in 2019.

While the Council meeting was held as normal, Deb Kennedy was unable to attend for the Broken Bow Chamber of Commerce due to the weather. She did request to Stephanie Wright that the decision for the 2019 Market on the Square be postponed and the Council did follow the request and voted to postpone the decision until the next Council meeting.

Other decisions that were approved were the appointment of Rod Pracht to the Airport Authority Board in which Rod Sonnichsen was very appreciative of saying, “It’s really good we have people stepping into those voids.” The Class A membership to the Custer Economic Development Corporation was also approved unanimously.

Following the reading of Ordinance 1194, North 17th Subdivision, which has to do with splitting a lot into four parts, the Council entered into a closed session which dealt with contracting with Mason City to do water work.

The next City Council Meeting will be on Tuesday, February 12 at 6 PM.