NRIN Could Be In The Future For 911 Call Centers

NRIN Could Be In The Future For 911 Call Centers
Custer County Board of Supervisors

CUSTER COUNTY— 9-1-1…a service that some of us take for granted. When an emergency arises pressing those three numbers allows operators to find our location quickly and with ease. What happens though when that system is compromised and a dispatch center goes down? Currently the Custer County Dispatch Center must call Century Link and have them make changes so that the Region 26, 9-1-1 center can take the calls instead.

Using this system not only takes time and lots of money, but can also add extra stress if issues arise in the transfer of those calls. The solution to that problem is the Nebraska Regional Interoperability Network (NRIN). NRIN is a microwave network that connects 911 centers throughout the state, allowing a backup system to other centers.

The basics of this system work so that if an issue would arise and knock out the 911 center in Custer County, an automatic switch will flip to allow Region 26 to take those 911 calls and be able to see the addresses in a seamless transition. The operation works the same way if Region 26 would fail, the system would allow Custer County to take over the system and dispatch the proper units in the Region 26 area.

On Tuesday, January 29, Mark Rempe, Custer County Emergency Manager, as well as members from Region 26, Hall County, and NRIN were also in attendance at the Custer County Board of Supervisors meeting to allow the board to ask questions about the system. Numerous questions regarding how the system functions as well as the cost to the county were discussed. While no decision was made by the board on moving to the new system, Rempe did ask the board to approve the county in joining the interlocal agreement which helps give Custer County a voice on the NRIN governing board.

Other approvals from the board included the re-appointment of the previous board members to the Board of Adjustments and the Planning Commission.

After the Board of Supervisors exited from closed session a unanimous vote took place to move forward with a $900/year for a daily backup, reboot, and security system from Platte Valley for the Judicial Center computers.

Before adjuring for the quarterly jail visit, the board was read three change orders from Myers Construction on the Renovation Project to the Custer County Courthouse. While neither bid has been approved, a $44,327.80 bid was brought forward for the demolition and remodel of the upstairs bathrooms and a $45,901 bid was also read for the demolition and remodel of the old supervisors room which could possibly become the Custer County Surveyors new office.

The only bid that was approved by the board was the $1,647.80 bid for the downstairs hallway lights that were converted to LED lights.