North Park Elementary Says Hello To The Principal Of The Day, Chase Johnson!

BROKEN BOW— There is a new principal walking the halls at North Park Elementary (at least for one day)! Chase Johnson will be serving as the Principal for a Day after his parents purchased the package at the Custer County Foundation’s December Gala and Auction. Elementary Principal Kim Jonas said this package was an idea from the Custer County Foundation that the school was more than happy to participate in.

“The Custer County Foundation is so supportive of our school and our students and this is just a little way that at school we can give back,” said Principal Jonas.

Chase, or Mr. Johnson as he requested to be called, started his morning with an assembly to be introduced as the principal before making his round throughout North Park Elementary School. Mr. Johnson also said that he had a full day planned of reading to the Kindergarteners, helping in the lunchroom, working in the elementary school store, and making his rounds through classrooms.

Principal Jonas also said that as a special perk of being principal for the day, Mr. Johnson can choose a special treat for his classmates to celebrate the day. With that in mind, Mr. Johnson chose to have an ice-cream party with his classmates.

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