Norfolk girl uses lemonade stand to help baby brother

Go Fund Me page for the Fiala’s

NORFOLK, NE — Lucy Fiala is sticking with easy questions and answers at her lemonade stand because the Q and A isn’t as easy when it comes to her baby brother in the hospital.

“He has to stay there maybe for a year or months,” Lucy said.

Eight-year-old Lucy’s brother, Garrin, was born in August – 17 weeks early.  He hasn’t left the hospital since and won’t for at least another two months, so she’s trying to help out.

“I just wanted to do a lemonade stand because I wanted money for my baby brother who’s at the hospital,” Lucy said.

Lucy’s parents were concerned about turnout on a chilly Thursday, so mom Maryjan shared the plan in the Madison County Exchange Facebook group.

It’s safe to say the word got around.

“I’m kind of overwhelmed that we’ve had so many people come out and support.  I wasn’t expecting it,” Scott Fiala said.  “I got awesome neighbors and Lucy’s got awesome friends.”

It was less than a dollar for lemonade but most chipped in more.

Lucy’s effort is working.  Her dad says it’s no surprise his eight-year-old came up with the plan.

“She helps her mother as much as she can when she’s there in Omaha,” Scott said.  “It’s been tough on her too.  She wants her baby brother to come home but she knows that being in the hospital and getting better each and every day is what he needs.”

As far as little brother Garrin? He’s making progress and the family is hopeful he’ll be out in a couple months and living a normal life.

“Getting better each and every day,” Scott said.  “We’re just making small strides and doing what we have to do.”

Getting better, in part, because of his selfless sister.