Nonprofit Boot Camp October 25 in Broken Bow

Nonprofit organizations with gross receipts of less than $1M are required to file a Form 990 with the IRS annually. Imagine being a board member of nonprofit and finding out that the volunteer serving as treasurer of the organization didn’t file a 990 for three consecutive tax years and consequently the organization is faced with paying penalties and federal income taxes, not to mention filing all the paperwork again to regain tax exempt status. Does this really happen? Yes it does.

Nonprofits in rural communities are generally organizations that raise money to benefit specific groups of people like veterans or youth or raise money for community betterment projects. Nonprofits can be churches, foundations, schools, arts and civic organizations, historical societies, housing organizations, etc. If you serve on local board, you may be overseeing a nonprofit organization.

Vernon Waldren, Extension Educator Emeritus and a representative of the Nonprofit Association of the Midlands will be at the Broken Bow Country Club in Broken Bow, on Wednesday, October 25 to provide expert information all board members need to know to keep their nonprofit organizations compliant and boards operating smoothly. The program runs from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. and includes a light dinner.

Cost of a single registration for the Board Boot Camp is $125. Since three sets of ears are better than one, up to 3 people representing the same nonprofit organization can attend for $200. Up to 6 from the same board can attend for $300. While some may think the training is a little pricey, people who’ve attended this past year say it is well-worth the money. Folks can register online by going to

The registration deadline for the Broken Bow Nonprofit Board Boot Camp is October 18. For more information or to register more than six people, contact Nebraska Extension – NE Extension Burt County at 402.374.2929 or the program coordinators –extension educators, Jessica Jones at, Johnson County Extension Office, 402.335.3669 or Carroll Welte at, Burt County Extension Office, 402.374.2929.

Courtesy Michelle Gibbens, Custer County Extension Office