No Outages Overnight in Columbus Area, Wind Gusts hit 46 mph

No Outages Overnight in Columbus Area, Wind Gusts hit 46 mph
CPPD workers are pictured changing out the pole in East Columbus that was damaged by a recent DUI vehicle accident that caused some residents to lose power.

COLUMBUS – Power officials are reporting that no outages took place in the local area, thanks to a shift in the storm to the south overnight.

Power lines contested with heavy winds through out the evening, but thanks to the lack of moisture, power officials say they were able to avoid possible outages caused by water frozen on lines.  Wind gusts reached a high of 46 miles per hour in Columbus, says the NWS.

NPPD’s Mark Becker says one transmission line was tripped at around 8:30 a.m., which they believe was caused by lines slapping together, due to heavy winds. Becker says the transmission line was located between Grant and Enders, but also says no residents or businesses lost power because of the trip.

Loup Power President Neal Suess says they believe their lines should be in good shape throughout, thanks to the lack of moisture.

Windchill temperature values could hit as low as -13 Thursday with a high of 15 degrees, and wind gusts up to 37 miles per hour possible throughout the day.

The snow storm system shifted to the southeastern portion of the state overnight, with Nebraska City and Falls City looking at anywhere from 3 to 6 inches of snow.