NGage supports Homestead Monument name change

BEATRICE - The NGage economic development group has joined the list of organizations supporting a name change for Beatrice's largest tourist attraction. The proposal calls for renaming Homestead National Monument of America to 'Homestead National Historical Park.' NGage Director Walker Zulkoski said Tuesday it would be a positive change for Gage County, and the monument, to change the name to better reflect what the actual use of the park is. Zulkoski said the thought process behind the name change is that many visitors believe the National Park Site west of Beatrice is just a monument, and don’t realize it has a visitors center, trail system and many events. Additionally, some visitors are surprised to not find a physical monument as the name implies. The Gage County Board and city of Beatrice have formally supported a name change for the monument. Zulkoski said Congressman Adrian Smith has introduced legislation to change the name. NGage joins the Beatrice City Council and Gage County Board of Supervisors in providing written support for the name change. You can follow Tommy on Twitter @Tommy_NCN.