New Restaurant in Callaway: Shotgun Annie’s Saloon and Grill

New Restaurant in Callaway: Shotgun Annie’s Saloon and Grill
Co-owners Candice Smith (left) and Terry Burnett (not pictured) recently opened Shotgun Annie's in Callaway. Dana Smith (right) works with her mom.

There’s a new cowgirl in town and it’s Shotgun Annie! Shotgun Annie’s Saloon and Grill opened just in time for the Callaway Kite Flight over Labor Day weekend last month.

Owners Candice Smith and Terry Burnett turned the empty western-themed building into a new and improved restaurant for area residents to enjoy a tasty meal.

Smith’s middle name is Ann and growing up, Annie became a nickname of hers. After seeing the space at 106 West Kimball Street, Smith thought Shotgun Annie’s would be the perfect name. Smith said she and Terry already loved the old west atmosphere of the building, so they did not have to do much decorating, just a little bit of fresh paint and a homemade 19-foot long shotgun to top things off. Terry Burnett made the giant metal shotgun in only a couple of days, according to Smith.

Candice Smith and her daughter Dana know the restaurant business inside and out. Candice operated the One Horse Saloon in Nickerson for about six years before moving to Callaway. Her friend Lois Sorensen still runs the Nickerson bar. Dana helps serve along with a few other staff members and Candice is the head cook.

Smith and boyfriend Burnett co-own Shotgun Annie’s and have future plans for the restaurant. They hope to add on an event room and bring in bands and karaoke. The liquor license is still pending but they welcome everyone to enjoy the food and the western atmosphere.

“We’re trying to be a place where anybody can come take a little road trip and have something to eat,” Smith said.

Having time to experiment with the fryer back in Nickerson, Smith and her co-workers accidently invented a crowd favorite dish—the chicken fried cheeseburger with gravy on the side. Smith said she and her friends were being silly and had no idea the meal would be so successful. The chicken fried cheeseburger is now a popular item on the Shotgun Annie menu.

Each week features Taco Thursday and Sunday buffets; the restaurant is closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

Candice Smith appreciates the support of the Callaway community and plans to host a grand opening and ribbon cutting.

“It’s an excellent community…it’s a busy little place and everybody’s always buzzing around and everyone’s got everybody else’s back and it’s really been a pleasure to be in this town and get to know all the business men and women,” Smith said.

Shotgun Annie’s Saloon and Grill
106 West Kimball Street
Callaway, NE 68825

Shotgun Annie’s
With a 19-foot long shotgun on the front of the building, the place is hard to miss! Made by Terry Burnett.