Nelson Could Face Charges in NSP Investigation

COLUMBUS – Charges could be filed against the former Platte County Victims Assistance Coordinator, amidst an investigation by the Nebraska State Patrol.

Former Platte County Victims Assistance Coordinator Traci Nelson could be facing charges, pending the review of evidence by specially appointed prosecutor and Madison County Attorney Joe Smith.

Smith says he has been reviewing evidence in the case, that he has received from Platte County Attorney Carl Hart.

Smith was appointed, following an investigation by the Nebraska State Patrol, that was looking into the mishandling of finances within the counties adult diversion program.

Smith says the NSP and Hart have done an excellent job in preparing the case and evidence. Smith also states that any charges that are filed would be against Nelson alone, and are not related with the Platte County Attorney’s Office as a whole.

Smith believes he will have a decision on whether or not to file charges, within the next two weeks.

Nelson first proposed the adult diversion program to Platte County Supervisors, which was approved in 2014.