Nebraska’s Election Chief Puts Trump Administration on Hold

Omaha, NE—The state’s top election official is putting the Trump Administration’s request for certain types of voter information on hold.

Secretary of State John Gale today raised several questions regarding the request by the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity, questions ranging from privacy to security.

“At this time the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity has not yet met to specify in detail its reasons for requesting voter registration information and whether those reasons comply with Nebraska law,” Gale said in a statement released Wednesday afternoon.

At the same time Gale said if the Commission’s request “meets compliance with Nebraska law” and addresses his other concerns he would turn the “publicly available information” over.

According to several published reports some 44 states—many accusing Trump of voter suppression— have refused to supply the voter data which the Commission is seeking in order to investigate still unsubstantiated claims of widespread vote fraud across the country in 2016.

At the same time the state’s own numbers find cheating at the ballot box rare in Nebraska.

Earlier this year as an exclusive investigation by News Channel Nebraska found charges of possible vote fraud in Dawson County—charges that ended in two small fines and no jail time—the state’s election chief reported no other similar cases during the 2016 presidential election.

The Secretary of State’s office told News Channel Nebraska that out of 860,000 votes cast in the state last fall the two Class IV felony charges in Lexington were the only cases of possible vote fraud. Estimates find the two cases representing 0.00023 percent of the state’s total vote.

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