Nebraska DMV Launching Modernized VicToRy System

Nebraska DMV Launching Modernized VicToRy System
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CUSTER COUNTY—Custer County along with the other 92 Nebraska counties will be launching a modernized vehicle registration and titling system. On October 15 the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will go live with the VicToRy program to replace the previous AS/400 VTR system used since the early 1990’s.

Developed by FAST Enterprises, VicToRy will be used to register over 2.5 million vehicles annually and collect nearly $720 million it titling and registration revenue for state and local entities.

Work on the new system began in March 2018 in conjunction with all 93 County Treasurers, the State Auditor and State Treasurer offices, the Nebraska Association of County Officials, business partners, and other key stakeholders.

Custer County Treasurer Sheri Bryant said staff has been in training since August of this year and that the new system will allow for a more efficient and effective experience for customers, additional uniformity to processes across the state, expanded online services, fewer errors, fewer and simplified forms. The modernized system also promises to deliver a number of enhancements aimed at improving fraud prevention and detection.

Custer County courthouse in Broken Bow

“Probably the biggest thing the customer is going to see initially is that some of the titles and registrations may look a little bit different just in the formatting. It’s not going to change the cost of it at all for the customer. The only thing they may see right away is it’s going to take us a little bit longer to process things,” Bryant said.

Bryant said there will be a bit of a learning curve for staff as well as customers and added that the new VicToRy system will allow for a reduction in cost for the operation of the DMV. Easier access to customer data will allow for simplified searching and filtering of records. To further speed up the process, Bryant asks the public to continue bringing with them their vehicle renewal notices they receive in the mail.

“It’s going to be worth it. There’s going to be increased efficiencies within the office as far as renewing anything online. “There’s going to be decreased errors within the office,” Bryant said.

The modernized system will expand online services with one of the new features being the ability to check the status of specialty plates online. Organizations using fleet services will be able to complete registrations online with a new streamlined process.

“Any person, company, farmer or rancher that has 25 vehicles or more can go online and subscribe to this e-service where you can do all of your renewals electronically,” Bryant said.

Bryant said she looks forward to this needed change and encourages Custer County residents to call or stop in the treasurer’s office with any questions.

“Just like anything in life, changes are hard and I know we’re going to have some growing pains with this. But our staff and our office staff have been 100% on board with it,” Bryant continued. “The biggest thing is I just want to thank everybody in advance for their patience as we embark on this new journey.”