Nebraska Author to Visit Taylor Library

TAYLOR—Nebraska author Darlene Hill will be visiting the Taylor Public Library (106 Williams St, Taylor, NE) on Thursday, July 19. Originally from Scotia, Hill tells the story of her life growing up in central Nebraska in her book “Seeing Life in the 1940s and 50s through the Eyes of a Nebraska Child.”

Hill will be giving a special presentation on Thursday at 2 p.m. and all are welcome.

According to a book description on Amazon, “the book tells about the house Darlene Hill was born in, the church she attended, and the school she went to. It also tells about how the house was heated, how the laundry was done, growing a garden so there would be food through the winter, and living through the blizzard of 1948 and ’49.”

Taylor Public Library Director Cheryl Roblyer said she is thrilled to welcome Darlene Hill to Taylor and invites the public to attend on Thursday.

“It’s very special for us because we’re such a little, small library. We have hosted before, Nebraska authors. So anytime that we get a chance to have them come in to do a presentation, like I said, it’s a very special time for us,” Roblyer said.