Nebraska Author Publishes “Secrets of the Sandhills” Novel; Book Signing Thur. At BB Library 5-7

The Sandhills of Nebraska could be the best-kept secret in North America. Only the blessed few Sandhills residents can comprehend the depths of this vast land area. As a result, relatively few understand this incredible land feature the size of West Virginia.

“It seems a waste not to share my experiences in the Sandhills with the world,” says John Hunt, author of Secrets of the Sandhills.

Secrets of the Sandhills is a novel about Jack, a young Chicago man with many questions about life, who comes to Nebraska in search of answers. Jack, a fictional character representing any outsider, discovers real-life treasures as he travels the Sandhills on his bicycle. During his journey, he discovers a myriad of geographical wonders, historical tales, and mannerisms unique to this western culture. 

John notes, “The reader will ride along, then walk away knowing all the secrets hidden deep in the Sandhills.”

John Hunt is a forth generation central Nebraskan. He and his wife Teri live in Broken Bow, where he operates his business in home construction. They have a son, Mitch, who owns Huntrex, a web and app design agency based in Omaha.

John started a side business as a hunting and fishing guide in the Sandhills twenty-five years ago. On these excursions with outsiders, he discovered intriguing scientific phenomena and the curious effect that the Sandhills have on the human mind.

“It seems as if the thousands of square miles of grass-covered sand dunes have the power to alter one’s priorities. Secrets of the Sandhills is not only a novel; it’s the way of life in this captivating land, says John.

Secrets of the Sandhills is now available on Kindle and in paperback on Learn more or order a copy at

A book signing will be held at the Broken Bow Public Library on Thursday, April 7 from 5-7 PM.